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The city of Otranto is known and appreciated everywhere for its natural and artistic beauty and also for its cultural heritage that makes Otranto one of the most precious destinations of the Salento peninsula. Large beaches of golden sand, a historic center telling old stories, the warmth and authenticity of its inhabitants, the quaint charm of the Mediterranean, make this city one of the most beautiful and famous in Italy.

A lot of natural beaches and coves lapped by clear and transparent waters, such as Baia dei Turchi, Baia dell’Orte, Punta Palascìa and Porto Badisco.

Among these natural beauties, you will find the Alimini Lakes, two stretches of water forming a protected oasis where several plant and animal species have their ecosystem; and the quarry of Bauxite, a mining field in which an emerald pond and the surrounding rock faces shine with a nice deep red.

But Otranto is not only sea or just beaches. Each stone of the old town, now full of beautiful and breathtaking locations, continues to tell its history. A history that still lives in the majestic Aragonese castle walls dating back to 16th century, and in the Cathedral, where you can visit the largest mosaic floor in the world which depicts the original “tree of life” and where are enclosed the relics of 800 Otranto humble fishermen who were massacred by Turks on 14 August 1480. Every year, on that date, Otranto is dressed to the nines with lights that light up the main streets and the typical stalls exhibiting various products and creating a magical and evocative atmosphere which culminates with fireworks, games and lights in the water.