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San Giovanni’s hypogeum

HYPOGEUM SUITES & APARTMENTS takes its name from the vast and complex hypogean system called “Saint John’s caves”, dating back to the early Christian age and probably belonged to the Jewish or Paleochristian community.
Part of the hypogeum resurfaces in the lower part of the HYPOGEUM SUITES & APARTMENTS residence and is visible and visitable by guests of the hotel.

The main compartments of the hypogeum, located below the pine forest adjacent to the HYPOGEUM SUITES & APARTMENTS residence, were recently recovered and put in safety. From the central part of the hypogeum, supported by a single column, you reach a circular room ending in a quadrangular room and a long dromos, where you will find several small rectangular and semicircular cells.

One of the obscure points of this oil mill lies in the fact that inside the hypogeum there are only traces of three presses but any sign of millstone.
Also the loop area is more shallow than the upper level; this resulted in the collapse of the hypogeum, probably due to the weight of olives that came on the plateau to be ground and distributed in various environments.
Inside the hypogeum you can enjoy Christian graffiti dating back to different eras, such as Chrismon, Greek and Latin crosses.

Across the street you can admire and visit other cells and corridors of the same type extending all along Saint John’s way.